An Extension of Your Team

Although our services are bespoke to the advertiser, one of the constants is that we aim to be a seamless extension of your team.

Our core business at OBJ Digital is planning, building and providing high quality ongoing management of PPC accounts. For this to have the biggest impact possible, we work with our clients to advise optimisations that have a further positive impact on PPC performance. These areas include the web experience, products sold and measurement.

The ROI (return on investment) is directly impacted by landing page quality and the ability of a business to convert website visitors into customers. Improving landing pages makes the web experience more relevant and reduces bounce rate. These are core components to quality score which is a Google Ads metric which if improved helps advertisers achieve more traffic for the same spend. Improving the rest of the web funnel to focus on conversion increases the number of sales from PPC campaigns. This then increases ROI which potentially allows for reinvestment for further sales.

The scale of PPC spend is partially determined by range of products/services an advertiser offers. One of our jobs at OBJ Digital is researching and refining keywords for our clients to bid on within their industry. If in this process we discover high volume keywords for similar or related products/services, we will feed this back to the advertiser as a possible avenue to explore. We like to provide clear data – benchmarked to current product/services – to ensure our clients have a clear size of the market available.

The quality of PPC spend is only as good as the data being used to make the decisions. This is why it’s important for us to understand your business and help ensure we are considering the correct conversion action attributed in the correct way. We have written an article called Understanding Your Business to explore this topic further.

At OBJ Digital, any advice we offer never forms part of our statement of works and there is no additional charge for these services. Our fees are based on account management and percentage of spend only. We offer this advice only if needed to help brands scale their businesses to allow further reinvestment into growth. Our core goal is helping brands accelerate their performance marketing results.

We meet our clients on a weekly basis to discuss results and plans as well as review weekly data on performance and of core test results. We have a quarterly review with all our clients to discuss wider strategic plans, market share and developments. As an agency, we’re absolutely committed to our clients as if we worked within the business.

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